Pharmacy Technician Salary

Hospitals pay quite a bit more than other sectors because pharmacy technicians are expected to carry out duties with a higher degree of responsibility.

To work in a hospital, you will need to be a certified PTCB technician. This means that you are recognized by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board which is the national body for this occupation. The current salary for technicians working in hospitals is US$32.710 annually, or an hourly rate of US$15.73.

Compare these figures with the following rates. Health care stores are paying US$27,590 a year; grocery store pharmacy technicians are being paid $28,610 a year; and technicians at general merchandise stores are being paid $26,310 per year. The average national salary for this profession is $28,940 annually or $19.92 hourly.

To find out more about working as a technician, you can get lots of information from others in this field by joining an internet discussion forum. You can learn about the pros and cons of the various employment sectors from others in this profession. In addition, you can pose questions to experts and receive valuable advice.

In a hospital environment, technicians are expected to study patient charts regarding details of medicines. Following this, the medication can be prepared for nurses to administer to the patients. Naturally, everything is carried out in accordance with the attending physician’s and pharmacist’s orders.

Therefore, when looking for a pharmacy technician salary that is more than the average, consider working for a hospital. Not only will the salary be higher, but so are the chances of furthering your career. It is also a challenging and rewarding environment to work in because you can gain hands-on experience in many other tasks.

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